Throwback Thursday: Clayton Christensen On Disruptive Innovation (Video)


In 2014, we welcomed Clayton Christensen as the Keynote Speaker at the 2014 Governor’s Utah Economic Summit. Christensen discussed market creating innovations and the “Disruptive Innovation”. In a portion of his keynote address, he discussed the disruption of the personal computer. Originally the mainframe computer which costed as much as $2 million was only available … Read More

Come to the Summit (Video)


The 10th Annual Governor’s Utah Economic Summit is designed to enhance Utah businesses in the local, national and global marketplace by providing in-depth analysis on economic development, policy and growth as a path for executives to lead their companies to exponential growth.

VITA: Relief from Taxing Returns

By Zions Bank

It’s everybody’s favorite time of year: tax season. For some, the prospect of collecting a large return after a year’s worth of maximum contributions is an exciting one indeed—especially after that pricey holiday trip to Maui. But for others, the process of filing income taxes comes with thick, heavy feelings of reluctance, potentially bordering on … Read More