During the 2013 Governor’s Utah Economic Summit, our Keynote speaker and Utah Native, Larry Andreini, delivered a magnificent speech about “Connecting the Dots That Create Innovation”. He indicated in his speech that to become a successful entrepreneur does not mean you always need to start with the perfect idea or product, but rather how we connect with others to help make the perfect idea come to fruition. Larry shares a remarkable account about “connecting the dots” with others and how his mulit-award winning company RIDEMAKERS was created through a phenomenon of serendipity and being in the right places at odd times. Larry’s ingenious translation of what “competition” means, helped create a cross-divisional partnership with The Walt Disney Company including Walt Disney Imagineering, Disney Parks & Resorts, Disney Consumer Products, Disney Store and Marvel Consumer Products. This partnership led to RIDEMAKERZ being named Disney Store’s 2010 Global Most Innovative Vendor. Watch the video for more on “Connecting the Dots That Create Innovation” with Larry Andrieni.